Bray Hill's Drake

Drake is a very affectionate boy. He is very willing to please and is a good leader. A fast dog in the yard, with a lot of stamina. Great appetite and feet. An absolute all around great athlete!

Races Finished:
2022 - Greenville 35
2021 - Bradford Sprint Race
2020 - Brownville 20
2018 - Brownville KI 30 miler, 2nd place - Can-Am 100
2016 - Brownville KI 30 miler, 3rd place - Can-Am 100
2015 - Brownville KI 20 miler

Born: 7/16/12 - Weight: 50 lbs - Eyes Cleared April 2015 / Excellent/Open Gonio -  SPS1: Clear - SHPN1: Clear - DM: Carrier

Offspring: 8 puppies 4/7/21 with Fort Illio's Rebel - (Viper, Chevelle, Hemi)




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Created by Kelim Huskies Fort Illio Kennels