Litter News
We only breed to add to our kennel, but occasionally we might have a few pups available from time to time. We breed
to get the best dogs in harness. As far as intelligence, fast pace, hard driven, well built, good temperament, good
eating habits, and good feet.

While inquiring about one of our dogs/pups please tell us about yourselves, and any experience you might have with
the Siberian Husky breed. We would love for our pups/dogs to go to a good home, where they are happy, healthy and
well taken care of. All possible owners will be questioned, as well as screened. Anyone that we feel that could be a
potential buyer are required to sign a contract. We are open to all inquiries and questions!

Most of our males are available for stud services, just ask!

Check back this spring/summer, we are planning for 2 litters!
Home of AKC Racing Siberian Huskies                                             New Portland, Maine